Ecigarettes - Plants at Work

vaporzone variety of electronic cigarettes - tank systemsE-Cigarettes, How Do They Work?

Despite being widely available across the entire globe you’d be forgiven for not actually knowing how the best e-cigarettes in Australia work! Unless you take one of them apart they’ll look like a solid version of a regular cigarette, but there really is a lot more hard work that goes into these handy little gadgets than meets the eye! Let’s take a look at how they work so that you can get to know a few of the details, including those all important benefits.

The main components

Most common e-cigarettes come in three standard pieces. Of these pieces the first is known as the battery and usually makes up the longest part of your e-cigarette device. The battery will either be a disposable one or a rechargeable one, so the life that you get out of it will depend on what you choose to use. One thing both batteries do have in common though is that they are what keep the e-cigarette functioning properly! The battery is in charge of keeping your e-cigarette active and will provide a set number of puffs per device before needing disposal or recharging.

A quick update on the original article. I have found two really good resources on “how these work”. The first is a video which explains it really well:

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Directly attached to the battery, but going towards the ‘filter’ end of the e-cigarette is the atomizer. Now even though this might sound like a piece of equipment or weaponry from a science fiction movie, it’s actually a pretty straight forward component! The atomizer contains a heating element that starts its job by warming the temperature of the e-cigarette liquid; all the better to turn it into vapor before being inhaled by the smoker.

The final part of an e-cigarette device, which is located at the base (or finger-end) of the product, is the cartridge. This part contains the e-liquid and the base of it houses the small mouth piece which is used to inhale the vapor directly from the e-cigarette itself. Once the e-liquid has been heated up, you’ll be able to take a quick puff much like you would expect from a regular cigarette. It’s this process that provides you with your dose of nicotine or your intense flavor sensation, with the added benefit of keeping your emissions (no matter how small) self contained!

The added elements

The three main components that keep an e-cigarette functioning properly are not the only components that you might find on an e-cigarette! The battery acts as the brain, the atomizer acts as the heart and the cartridge acts as the neck and mouth, but some e-cigarettes have a fourth component! This is usually a cool LED light that activates during inhalation and would probably be considered as the bling!

What you might not know is that there are plenty more variations when it comes to e-cigarettes than these standard features that you can try. These variations include appearance, style and even flavor options! In fact one of the greatest benefits of smoking an e-cigarette as a replacement to your regular cigarettes is that not only will you be able to continue smoking as usual, but you can even throw in a few great tastes and flavors to really make your smoking habit unique. From strawberry to champagne, nothing quite gives as much flavor as a fully charged e-cigarette!

If you need help quitting cigarettes have a look at the website from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, a US govt. website.